Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Trading

At UK Egg Centre, we believe that we should try to manage our business processes so as to produce an overall positive impact on society and that we should encourage all our suppliers and service providers to do the same.

Working alongside our manufacturing sites and haulage companies, we are developing comprehensive CSR policies; recognising that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to all customers, clients and employees are integral to our businesses.

We are committed to ensuring full compliance with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code throughout our supply chain.  UK Egg Centre are a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) and we encourage all our suppliers to do the same.

The EnvironmentGreen Egg Globe

The Dutch processing sites have already made significant investments in equipment enabling their waste eggshell to be treated and used as feed or fertiliser, rather than having to be sent to landfill.

Over the last few years, sites have also invested substantially in changing to the use of reusable plastic egg trays, dividers and pallets.  This has resulted in massive reductions in the amount of waste cardboard generated compared to use of the old pulp trays.

Numerous other environmental schemes are planned, or already in place to reduce water usage, lighting, noise, waste etc.

Our transport companies are also continually making new investments to improve their operations and to try and ensure that any environmental impacts from them are kept to a minimum.