What We Do

At the core of our business, we are able to supply an extensive range of egg products in a variety of packaging types and sizes. Our egg products come in various forms - pasteurised liquid egg, powdered egg and boiled egg; with most products available from either free-range, intensive or barn egg sources, to suit a range of requirements within the food manufacturing and foodservice sectors.

We work very closely with three carefuly selected, fully approved, state of the art egg processing sites in the south Netherlands, each one specializing in either liquid egg, boiled egg or egg powder production.  We maintain an extremely close working relationship with these processors and help to facilitate their operations and communications throughout the UK, leaving them free to concentrate their efforts on manufacturing egg products of the highest quality.

For customers that require them, we are also able to source egg products from an approved supplier based in the UK.

All the egg processing sites we use are fully BRC accredited and have comprehensive, tightly controlled HACCP programs in place.  Any products supplied will conform to all current relevant EU legislation and all our manufacturing sites have robust, demonstrable traceability systems in place; so you can be confident that for any product, we will know exactly which farms supplied the eggs that were used.

Tray of Eggs